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Welcome to our free Windows Wallpaper page. Unless noted, the photography in this section was performed by HG Studios in digital format. Other contributions (where noted) are from select local area photographers. Some are digital and the others were scanned, color corrected to capture the original artist's conception, and uploaded by HG Studios. Please feel free to download these photos and use them as wallpaper for your PC. If using these photographs for a personal or business web site, we ask that you do not alter them in any way and provide a link to www.hg-studios.com.

NOTE: These photographs are best displayed when your monitor is set to high color or better. Also, for best fit, download the 1280x768 wallpaper for wide screens set to 1280x768, or download the 1024x768 photo if your monitor is set to 1024x768.

NOTE: When adding us to your favorites or bookmarking our "Windows Wallpaper" photography, PLEASE add to favorites or bookmark THIS PAGE. All other thumbnail and full photo pages change frequently and may not be available in the future.

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"The Following Wallpaper Collections
are no longer available"

  • "Pelicans" 8 Photos (1024x768)
  • "Pelicans" 8 Photos (800x600)
  • "Saint Augustine" 15 Photos (1024x768)
  • "Saint Augustine" 15 Photos (800x600)
  • "Florida Flight, Sunset, Moonrise" 12 Photos (1024x768)
  • "Florida Flight, Sunset, Moonrise" 12 Photos (800x600
  • "Life in Florida" 33 Photos (800x600)
  • "Yankee Autumn 2002" 30 Photos (800x600)
  • "There Once was a Lake" - 12 Photos (1024x768)
  • "New Releases" 14 Photos (1024x768)
  • "New Releases" 42 Photos (800x600)
  • "Fun in Florida" 12 Photos (800x600)
  • "Yankee Autumn 2003" 12 Photos (800x600)
  • "Winter Wonderland" by JP 6 Photos (800x600)
  • <"Cape Cod - Sea & Landscapes" 21 Photos (800x600)
  • "Cape Cod - People & Colorful Sites" 12 Photos (800x600)
  • "Yankee Autumn 2001" 12 Photos (800x600)
  • "Cape Cod - Flowers & Cars" 9 Photos (800x600)
  • "Flowers of Connecticut" 10 Photos (800x600)
  • "Animals and Nature (800 x 600) 12
  • "Animals and Nature (640 x 480) 12
  • "Military Photography by JP (800 x 600) 6 Photos
  • "Saint Martin - Sint Maarteen - The Tropics"
  • "Photos from Around the World (640 x 480 resolution)
  • "Salisbury Mass. 6 photos -
  • "Newburyport Mass. 12 photos -
  • "Salem Mass. 9 photos -
  • "Alaska by Steve Aldi". 9 photos
  • "Maine's Rugged Coast - Ogunquit"
  • "Cape Ann - Rockport Mass. 27 photos
  • "Cape Ann - Glouster Mass. 12 photos
  • "Isle Au Haut, Maine " by Pat Brown (640 x 480) 9 Photos
  • "Ireland" by Annie Mac (640 x 480 resolution)
  • "Nantucket" by Annie Mac (640 x 480 resolution)
  • "Tribute to the USS Cole" by Annie Mac and HG Studios
  • "We Will Always Remember"
  • "Yankee Autumn circa 1997
  • "Yankee Autumn circa 1998
  • "Old Orchard Beach Maine circa 1997
  • "Light Houses of New England circa 1997
  • "Yankee Autumn circa 1999
  • "Yankee Autumn circa 2000
  • "Flowers of Connecticut circa 2000
  • "Photos from Around the World (640 x 480 resolution)
  • "Classic Cars (640 x 480 resolution)
  • "West Haven CT Shoreline (in black and white)

The photography for "Photos from Around the World", "Animals & Nature", and "Military Photography" Collections are by Annie Mac Photography, HG-Studios, Photos-by-JP, Steve Aldi, Judy (HG-Studios), and Photos-by-Robb.

For further information and questions regarding these exhibits
please feel free to send us an email.