"A Day at the Ranch" -

Photography by Skip Hackett, HG Studios Florida
18 Photos - Resolution 768x1024 Circa November 2007
Location - John's Ranch, Hernando County Florida

John's Ranch, Sunset on the Gulf of Mexico

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John's Ranch Hernando County FL         Ben - Take my Picture

Ben posing again         Ben still posing

Big Ben - He loves to have his picture taken         Breezy

Meet Breezy         Breezy and Ben

Meet Max - Ready for dinner after a hard days work on the ranch         Meet Bella

Meet Onynx         Onynx

Ben poses with Ellen - A previous owner         Ben and Ellen Again

Ben with Ellen         Breezy with Ellen

Onynx         Bella keeps an eye on Onynx

Oh No !!
We almost forgot Little Louie (the Lobster) dressed for Halloween 2007

Meet Little Louie - Pine Island Background Halloween 2007

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